The Filmmakers - Jack Kohler

Jack Kohler

Jack Kohler has been producing for Native American Public Telecommunications since 1999. As a Yurok, Karuk, and Hupa Indian, Kohler focuses on issues significant to the Native American community. Kohler has produced PSAs and commercials for television and many short films for Native American film festivals in the US and Canada. He is a mentor and instructor for the American Indian Film Institute teaching the art of filmmaking to youth on Indian reservations. Kohler is also Executive Producer of Pikiawish: Fixing the World, a feature-length documentary portraying the environmental, political and cultural crisis of the Klamath River region by interweaving the complexities of issues ranging from water scarcity and wildfowl habitat protection to the economic survival of wild salmon fishing families and the cultural survival of Klamath River tribes, for whom wild salmon is sacred. Kohler is also a Screen Actor’s Guild and Actor’s Equity Association member, performing in film, television, and theatrical productions throughout the US and Japan. He holds a degree in Engineering from Stanford University.


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